About Us

Introduction to RC Upgrade

Founded by Rodolphe Bedu in the U.S.A., RC Upgrade is an association of passionate RC enthusiasts dedicated to manufacturing professional, high-quality RC components. With over 25 years of collective expertise, our team is deeply immersed in the world of RC. Our mission is to channel our skills into serving our shared passion for RC.

Our Mission

We embarked on this journey with a clear purpose: to simplify the process of selling RC parts—whether for performance enhancements or replacements—and to promote RC upgrades. We believe that all like-minded RC enthusiasts who design and create parts should have a platform to showcase their work. That’s why we invite fellow builders and sellers to join our site and contribute to the thriving RC community.

New Additions

In addition to our existing offerings, we’re excited to introduce two new components:

1. RC Discharger

The RC Discharger is a versatile powerhouse engineered for efficient power management and battery discharging across a spectrum of RC vehicles. Whether you’re fine-tuning your racing drone’s performance, optimizing your airplane’s flight dynamics, or ensuring peak power delivery for your boat, off-road car, on-road car, drag car, or dirt oval car—the RC Discharger is your trusted companion.

2. AMP’R/C

AMP’R/C offers innovative parts and problem solvers to take care of your buggy. Our wear-resistant polyurethane components that provide robust protection, safeguarding expensive parts such as shock tower, shocks caps and even your chassis, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Whether you’re tackling rugged terrain or racing, AMP’R/C has you covered!

Community Collaboration

At RC Upgrade, we’re more than just a marketplace. We’re a community of creators, tinkerers, and dreamers. When you join us, you become part of a network that celebrates ingenuity and craftsmanship. Share your designs, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and contribute to the evolution of RC technology.

Why Choose RC Upgrade?

Quality Assurance

Every component at RC Upgrade undergoes rigorous testing to meet our high standards. We don’t settle for mediocrity; neither should you.


Our team lives and breathes RC. We understand the thrill of the race, the precision of the flight, and the joy of building. That passion fuels our commitment to excellence.

Global Reach

While based in the U.S.A., RC Upgrade connects enthusiasts worldwide. From France to Sammamish, our platform bridges geographical gaps and fosters a global RC community.

So, whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or a curious newcomer, RC Upgrade welcomes you. Explore our site, discover innovative parts, and be part of something extraordinary. Click here to join the RC Upgrade family!