Folding Charger Stand For iCharger DUO

Introducing the Ingenious Folding Charger Stand: Elevate Your RC Experience

Are you ready to revolutionize your RC charging setup? Look no further than our meticulously crafted Folding Charger Stand. This game-changing accessory combines convenience, functionality, and sleek design. Let’s explore its remarkable features:

  1. Stability: Say farewell to balance woes! The Folding Charger Stand provides rock-solid stability for your Junsi iCharger models 308DUO, 458DUO, 406DUO, or 458DUO chargers. No more wobbling or precarious tilting—just unwavering support.

  2. Angle Adjustment: Flexibility is key. Choose from three distinct angles to suit your needs. Whether you’re monitoring charging progress or simply admiring your setup, find the perfect angle effortlessly. Optimize visibility and accessibility based on your preferences.

  3. Portability: Always on the move? Fear not! When adventure calls, fold the stand down with ease. No tools required—just a swift motion, and it’s ready for transport. Whether you’re heading to the track, a friend’s workshop, or an RC event, this stand ensures hassle-free portability.

  4. Attachment: Seamlessly integrate the Folding Charger Stand with your Power Supply. It securely latches on, creating an organized and efficient charging station. No loose ends, no clutter—just a tidy setup that keeps your workspace shipshape.

Wherever your RC journey takes you, rest assured that this stand is your trusty companion. Whether you’re fine-tuning your gear at the track or tinkering away in your workshop, the Folding Charger Stand ensures convenience, orderliness, and a touch of tech-savvy flairHappy charging!

* Power supply recommended Width 8.6in (218mm), Depth 3.5in (89mm)and  Height 1.5in  (38mm)
** Power supply and charger shown for reference only. Power supply and charger are not included with the charger stand.

Proudly designed and made in USA by RC Discharger.
Free shipping in USA.

*Charger & Power Supply aren’t included.