Charger Stand For iCharger DUO

Charger Stand For iCharger 308DUO, 458DUO, 406DUO or 456DUO

The Charger Stand is more than just a simple accessory—it’s an indispensable companion for your Junsi iCharger models. Whether you’re a seasoned RC enthusiast or a hobbyist, this stand offers several key benefits:

  1. Rock-Solid Stability:

    • Say goodbye to wobbling and precarious tilting. The Charger Stand provides unwavering support for your iCharger, ensuring that it remains steady during charging sessions.
    • No more fumbling or worrying about accidental bumps—the stand keeps your charger securely in place.
  2. Compact and Travel-Friendly:

    • Designed with portability in mind, this stand is small and lightweight. It won’t add unnecessary bulk to your gear bag.
    • When adventure beckons, simply fold it up and toss it into your RC backpack. No tools required—just grab and go!
  3. Your Trusty Companion:

    • Wherever your RC journey takes you—be it the racetrack, the flying field, or your home workshop—the charger mount is there.
    • Fine-tune your gear at the track? Check.
    • Tinker away on your latest project in the workshop? Absolutely.
    • The stand ensures convenience and orderliness, keeping your charging setup organized and accessible.

So, fellow RC enthusiast, charge up, hit the road, and let the Stand be your reliable partner. Happy charging!

* Power supply recommended Width 8.6in (218mm), Depth 3.5in (89mm)and  Height 1.5in  (38mm)
** Power supply shown for reference only. Power supply is not included with the charger stand.

Proudly designed and made in USA by RC Discharger.
Free shipping in USA.

*Power Supply isn’t included.