RC Tire Stick Holder Organizer Storage 1/8

Introducing the RC Tire Stick Holder Organizer & Storage for 1/8 Buggy: Your Ultimate Wheel Companion!

Are you tired of the chaotic wheel shuffle during transport or at the track? Fear not! The RC Tire Stick Holder Organizer is your trusty co-pilot, ready to revolutionize your wheel game.

Why Should You Care?

  1. Secure Grip: Our innovative design ensures your four wheels stick together like lifelong pals. Say goodbye to wheel separation anxiety!

  2. On-the-Go Convenience: Slip the RC Tire Stick Holder Organizer into your bag—it’s like giving your wheels a first-class ticket. Compact, lightweight, and always up for an adventure, it’s the ultimate travel companion.

  3. Color Variety: Choose from vibrant colors. Feeling fiery? Go for blazing red. Want to channel your inner racer? Opt for sleek black. When your wheels are organized, you’re unstoppable!

But Wait, There’s More!

  • Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, this organizer can handle the rough and tumble of the RC world. It’s not afraid of mud splatters, gravel pits, or the occasional tumble down a rocky slope.

  • Easy Access: Grab your wheels with finesse, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The RC Tire Stick Holder Organizer & Storage ensures swift access, whether you’re prepping for a race or showing off your collection.

Proudly designed and made in France by Amp’R/C. Shipped from USA.
Sold in packs of 5. Free shipping in USA.