Bumpskid Protector Kyosho MP9/MP10

Bumpskid Kyosho MP9/MP10 is a Bumper, skid and Arm Protector all in one for Kyosho MP9/MP10: Enhanced Protection with Aesthetic Integration.

Elevate your Kyosho MP9/MP10 off-road experience with our intelligently designed Bumpskid. Crafted from high-quality polyurethane, this versatile accessory serves a dual purpose:

  1. Front Bumper: Engineered with precision, it shields your chassis and front arm mount from the rigors of intense jumps and rough landings. The bumper’s flexible composition ensures it absorbs impact energy, preventing damage to critical components.

  2. Integrated 3mm Skid Plate: Positioned strategically, the skid plate acts as a robust barrier between your chassis and the ground. Its reinforced construction safeguards against razor blade wear, ensuring longevity and performance.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility: TThe polyurethane material allows the bumper to flex upon impact, reducing stress on the arm mount and chassis.
  • Razor Blade Protection: The integrated skid plate prevents sharp objects from slicing into your chassis.
  • Precision Fit: Designed specifically for Kyosho MP9/MP10 models, ensuring seamless installation.
  • Arm Mount Insert Protection: It is specifically designed to protect the Arm Mount Insert, repeating the design of the original bumper for maximum aesthetic integration.

Upgrade your ride with confidence, knowing that every jump and landing is met with superior protection. Whether you’re tearing up the track or conquering off-road trails, our Bumpskid has your back!

Remember, this isn’t just a bumper—it’s an investment in durability and performance.

Proudly designed and made in France by Amp’R/C. Shipped from USA.
Free shipping in USA.