RC Power Supply 12V 750W

Details RC Power Supply 12V 750W:

Input Voltage: The power supply operates with an AC input ranging from 100V to 240V. This wide input range ensures compatibility with various power sources, whether you’re at home tinkering with your RC gear or out in the field.

Output Voltage: The output provided by this power supply is a 12V DC supply. Imagine it as a steady stream of electrons flowing through your circuits, powering your RC vehicles, chargers, and other accessories.

Maximum Output Current: Brace yourself for this one: the power supply can deliver an impressive 62.5A of current. That’s like having a turbocharged river of electrons at your disposal! Whether you’re charging batteries or running high-powered servos, this unit won’t break a sweat.

Maximum Output Power: With a whopping 750W of maximum output power, this little powerhouse can handle substantial loads. Picture it flexing its electronic muscles, saying, “Bring it on!” It’s like having a mini sun in your workshop, radiating energy for all your RC adventures.

Dimensions: The compact size of this power supply makes it a favorite among RC enthusiasts. It measures approximately:

    • Length: 7.75 inches, Width: 3.5 inches, Height:  1.5 inches

Weight: At approximately 2.25 pounds, this power supply won’t weigh you down. It’s like carrying around a couple of bags of flour – except instead of baking cookies, you’re baking adrenaline-fueled RC memories.

Remember, while you’re out there flying, drifting, or crawling with your RC buddies, avoid connecting multiple units in series to create 24 volts. We wouldn’t want to upset the electrons, would we? Happy RC adventures, fellow enthusiast!

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