Screwdriver MIP Holder XL with PartsTray

Introducing the Screwdriver MIP Holder XL with Parts Tray

This meticulously crafted organizer is your steadfast companion during RC practice sessions and exhilarating race days. Whether you’re a seasoned RC aficionado or a wide-eyed newcomer, this organizer offers more than mere convenience—it’s a testament to precision engineering.

Now, let’s break down its specifications with the meticulous attention it deserves:

  1. Six Slots for Larger Tools (22.30mm Diameter): These accommodating slots are like spacious garages for your trusty screwdrivers, ready for action.

  2. Six Slots for Mid-Sized Tools (18.75mm Diameter): These slots are the Goldilocks zone—just right for your mid-sized tools. Not too big, not too small—just perfect.

  3. One Singular Slot for Unique Tools (15.86mm Diameter): This specialized nook caters to that unsung hero of your RC adventures. It’s like a VIP lounge for precision.

  4. Six More Slots for Compact Tools (12.7mm Diameter): These snug compartments are where efficiency meets elegance. Your compact tools will feel right at home here.

  5. Five Slots for Tiniest Tools (7.10mm Diameter): These petite pockets are like cozy nests. Need to tighten that minuscule screw? Fear not; this organizer has you covered.

Remember, a well-organized workspace isn’t just about tidiness—it’s about unlocking your full potential. So, arrange your Screwdriver MIP tools with the precision of a maestro, and let this organizer be your symphony conductor on your RC adventures!

Proudly designed and made in USA by RC Discharger.
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